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In 2017 we revolutionized the proxy server industry by creating the world's first VPS proxy server generator.

Our application uses a proprietary algorithm with parallel execution of actions that results in proxy creation speeds faster than any other proxy generator in the market.

Never pay for proxies again, start saving money by creating your own!

Made for you.

User-Friendly - Well suited for beginners - no coding or cloud computing experience necessary.

Full Automation - Server instance types and all proxy configurations are preconfigured. No more need to launch servers manually.

Create & Destroy Proxies - Create your proxies and use them as needed, then destroy them when done.


Compatible on Windows + OS X - Windows + Mac OS X versions available and included in all subscriptions.

Choose From 150+ Data Center Locations - Choose from hundreds of data center locations across the globe, including US, UK, China +

Supports 9 VPS Platforms + More To Come - We currently support 9 different virtual private server (VPS) platforms, more coming soon.

Outstanding Technology.

Fast Speeds (Gigabit Ports) - All servers are connected to Gigabit ports, speeds ranging from 0-100ms pings.

User:Password & IP Authentication - Choose between User:Pass or IP authentication. Multiple IP addresses can be authorized.

Free Auto-Updates - Receive free auto-updates with new features, enhancements, improvements, and additional VPS platforms.

Exceptional customer service + tech support.

We take pride in offering exceptional customer service to our subscribers. We are on-call 24/7 to respond to support tickets.

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Follow our user-friendly instructions on how to create your account and API keys on each of the virtual private server (VPS) platforms. We are available to assist, if needed!


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Frequently asked questions

What does this software do?

Instaproxy creates private proxy servers on various VPS (virtual private server) platforms. The software connects to your VPS platform accounts via your API keys. The user is able to choose user:password or ip address authentication, as well as select the desired port #. The proxies are displayed in a list in IP:PORT:USER:PASSWORD or IP:PORT syntax (depending on which authentication they choose).

How many proxies can I create?

See estimates

Each user will be able to create approximately 404 proxies if utilizing all VPS platforms. This amount takes into account the "instance limits" of each VPS platform - meaning how many servers you are allowed to have running at one time, per account. Above we provide an estimate on how many proxies you will be able to create per account on each VPS platform.


20 proxies per account


15 proxies per account

Digital Ocean

25 proxies per account

Amazon EC2

80 total proxies per account across all US data centers:

  • 20 per region: US East (N. Virginia), US East (Ohio), US West (N. California), US West (Oregon)
  • Additionally, you can launch 20 per region across all international data centers

Google Cloud

69 total proxies per account across all US data centers:

  • 23 per region: West, Central, East
  • Additionally, you can launch 23 per region across all international data centers

Microsoft Azure

160 total proxies per account across all US data centers:

  • 20 per region: Central US, East US, East US 2, North Central US, South Central US, West Central US, West US, West US 2
  • Additionally, you can launch 20 per region across all international data centers 5 proxies per account

20 proxies

Alibaba Cloud 10 proxies per account

How much will it cost?

See estimates

The cost depends on how many proxies you create, which platform you create them on, and how long you leave them running before terminating them. The only way to stop the billing is to terminate the proxies. Some platforms charge as little as $.007 per hour/per server (proxy). It is important to keep your billing information up to date and your accounts funded for each of the VPS platforms in order to cover your costs.

Cost Formula:

(amount of proxies you want to create) x (cost per hour) x (hours you will leave running)

Example for Google Cloud:

69 proxies x $.0076/hr x 3 hours = $1.57

VPS Platform Cost
Linode $.0075/hr
Vultr $.007/hr
Digital Ocean $.007/hr
Amazon EC2 $.0065/hr
Google Cloud $.0076/hr
Microsoft Azure $.0048/hr $.0208/hr
Upcloud $.006/hr
Alibaba Cloud $.016/hr

When will I receive the software?

As soon as you subscribe, you will instantly receive your download and activation key, followed by an e-mail with instructions & general information.

How do we connect to your accounts for VPS?

To use Instaproxy, you will need to create API keys in order for the software to link with your accounts. You will enter your API key for each VPS platform into the settings section of the program. After placing your order, please check your introductory e-mail for instructions on how to create your API keys.

Are updates free?

Yes, all users will receive automatic updates and will have access to any new features and VPS platforms that are added to Instaproxy.

How can I reset my license key or download link?

You can use the "deactivate" button located in the Instaproxy settings tab to deactivate your key. If you need your download link reset, please contact us by using the “Chat” icon located at the bottom right corner of the screen - we will reset the download link for you.

Can I install on more than one machine?

In order to protect the integrity of our software, we do not allow for installation on more than one machine at one time. We also do not allow installation on virtual machines. In the case that you need to deactivate from an existing machine and install the software on a new machine, please use the "deactivate" button located in the Instaproxy settings tab to deactivate your key.

Do you offer technical support?

Yes, if you are having trouble creating your API keys or any other issues, please contact us and we will be glad to help.

How do I cancel my subscription?

Your subscription can be cancelled through your subscription management link located in your order email. If you have lost your order email, you can retrieve another copy by entering the email address associated with your order here