The Original Proxy Server Generator.

Easily create thousands of data center proxies in minutes!

Never pay for proxies again...

Start saving money by creating your own!


Well suited for beginners - no coding or cloud computing experience necessary.

Full Automation

Server instance types and all proxy configurations are preconfigured. No need to launch any servers manually. Simply enter amount of proxies and press "Create".

Create & Destroy Proxies

Create your proxies and use them as needed, then destroy them when done.

Compatible On Windows + OS X

Windows + Mac OS X versions available and included in all subscriptions. Web-based version coming soon!

Choose From 150+ Data Center Locations (US, UK, + INTL)

Choose from hundreds of data center locations across the globe, including US, UK, China, and many more.

Fast Speeds (Gigabit Ports)

All servers are connected to Gigabit ports resulting in fast speeds, ranging from 0-100ms pings to your target website.

User:Password & IP Authentication

Users can choose between User:Password or IP authentication. Multiple IP addresses can be authorized to the proxy servers.

Supports 9 VPS Platforms + More To Come

Instaproxy currently supports 9 different virtual private server (VPS) platforms, with plans to continue adding more.

Technical Support Available

We take pride in offering exceptional customer service to our subscribers. We are on-call 24/7 to respond to support tickets.

Free Auto-Updates

All subscribers routinely receive free auto-updates with new features, enhancements, improvements, and additional VPS platforms.

How It Works

Get started in 3 easy steps:


Step 1: Subscribe to Instaproxy

Choose from one of our plans here. You will instantly receive your download, activation key, and instructions.


Step 2: Follow Instructions

Follow our user-friendly instructions on how to create your accounts and API keys on each of the virtual private server (VPS) platforms. We are available to assist, if needed!


Step 3: Begin Creating Proxies

Insert the API key for each VPS platform and begin creating thousands of proxies!

Choose Your Plan



Recurring 1-Month Plan
Windows + OS X (Mac)

✔ Includes free updates
✔ Access to 9 VPS platforms

$39.99 charged every month

No Savings



6 Months

Recurring 6-Month Plan
Windows + OS X (Mac)

✔ Includes free updates
✔ Access to 9 VPS platforms

$149.99 charged every 6 months

You Save $90!



12 Months

Recurring 12-Month Plan
Windows + OS X (Mac)

✔ Includes free updates
✔ Access to 9 VPS platforms 

$249.99 charged every 12 months

You Save $230!


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